The CNC software used in the mechanical processing industry

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The CNC software used in the mechanical processing industry
CNC, whose English name is Computer Numerical Control, is a manufacturing method through a computer system.
Today, CNC plays an extremely important role in the product development process of the mechanical processing industry. This solution is developed to help create products with high precision and can be produced in large quantities in a short time.
CNC technology helps to optimize the performance and quality of products after machining, minimizing errors and errors in the production process.
Therefore, through this article, Cosmo Vietnam Company will introduce to you some of the best CNC simulation solutions on the market today.
– The first software we would like to introduce to you is SolidCAM software from Dassault Systemes of Solidworks publisher.
– Solidworks CAM is an add-ons (add-ons) – allowing users to simulate the machining process of products before putting them into actual production.
– SolidCAM not only has powerful tools, but also integrates all the basic features of a CNC machining simulation software. This program makes machining fast by using automatic tool profile recognition, normalization, and best-practice matching.
– Engineers will save a lot of machining time compared to before because parameters such as depth of cut, tool type, tool parameters will appear directly in the simulation process. Furthermore, the surface to be machined can also define a custom toolkit to be used.
– The use of SolidCADM will help improve the visualization for users by simulation. Toolpaths are always displayed for easy comparison with design details, thereby helping technical staff to identify possible errors and make timely adjustments.
– The second software we want to introduce to you is AutoCAD.
Mechanical AutoCAD is part of AutoCAD’s toolkit designed specifically for DFM (Design For Manufacture) with a number of features such as:
Features create CNC machines and help users analyze the effectiveness of design objects.
Supports international standards, allowing CNC machine compatibility as well as design standards to be considered.
Having good interoperability and automatic BIM export will increase the efficiency of CNC machining.
Mechanical part design just got easier with smart design tools.
Customization is easy to create and save whenever a machining process needs to be repeated.

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Inventor CAM is a feature tool that makes the work process easier with machining options such as turning, milling, and milling combined.
Inventor CAM has many features to support CNC machining design such as:
– Compared with the traditional roughing method, the Adaptive Clearing feature helps technicians reduce roughing time by at least 4 times. This means longer tool life.
– Thanks to 2.5-axis and 3-axis milling, users can create and simulate toolpaths for design parts right in the Inventor environment.
4- and 5-axis milling features for simulation and machining of complex parts.
– Incorporating milling simulation tools to help increase the efficiency of face milling, boring, turning, and grooving.
In addition, there is also a simulation of laser, plasma, water cutting.
– The ability to detect when a collision occurs between the tool and the part during the CNC machining design process.
Simulation of the workpiece and calculation of the toolpath will minimize collisions and errors in the machining process.
– Analysis tool to measure distance or view important parameters such as: feed rate, feed-rate, determine machining time.
The CAD solution when combined with the CAM toolkit makes Inventor a good choice for mechanical engineers.
Fusion 360 is a software that includes all CAD, CAM and CAE solutions to support jobs such as design, calculation and programming for mechanical machining in a single working environment.
Fusion 360’s CAM tools include:
– 2.5-axis and 3-axis milling allows customization and toolpath creation when machining parts.
– 3+2 axis milling will help reduce the time when you set up the machine.
– 4-axis and 5-axis milling will support the simulation of machining complex parts more clearly.
– Fusion 360 also supports machine tools, knife creation, laser cutting, plasmas, water.
Above is an introductory article about the software used in mechanical processing. Thank you for taking the time to read our article.

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