Summary of the most popular CNC machining machines today

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Summary of the most common types of CNC machining machines today
CNC machining (also known as precision mechanical processing ) is becoming more and more popular in the field of manufacturing and processing. On the market, there are many types of CNC machining machines , each of which undertakes a specific job. Today, Cosmovina will introduce you to most popular CNC machining machines .
The most popular types of CNC machining machines today
1. CNC lathe mechanical processing machine
One of the most familiar machines with engineering brothers is probably the CNC lathe . Because turning is the most common mechanical processing method. CNC lathes are controlled by high-tech computer equipment. This helps to increase the accuracy of machining operations.
The cutting operation of the lathe is based on two main movements, which are the circular motion of the workpiece and the horizontal and vertical movement of the tool. The rotation of the workpiece will generate the cutting speed. The movement of the tool produces surface gloss and machining productivity.
Lathes play the most important role in mechanical processing. Products made from CNC lathes include: screw threads, machine parts with round cylinders, flat or spiral surfaces, woodworking, glass processing, etc.
Some current CNC lathes : universal lathes, automatic and semi-automatic lathes, specialized lathes, truncated lathes, multi-tool lathes, etc.
2. CNC Machining Machine
Cutting is also an important machining method in the mechanical field. The CNC cutting machine is controlled by a modern computer system, cutting the workpiece according to a pre-programmed line. Compared with conventional cutting machines, CNC cutting machines can make extremely precise 3-D cutting lines.
CNC cutting machines are applied in the production of mechanical tools, utensils made of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. Typical products are industrial electrical cabinets, transformers, signs, warning signs, jewelry. interior decoration,…
3. CNC Machining Machine
Milling is a method of cutting workpiece material. CNC milling machines work based on the movement of the milling cutter according to 2 mechanisms. It is rotation and translational motion independently or in combination in 3 directions. There are two types of milling machines commonly used on the market: vertical milling machines and horizontal milling machines.
CNC milling machines are widely used in processing, processing wooden objects, manufacturing machine parts in industry such as shafts, bushings, propellers, flywheels, etc.
4. CNC Drilling Machining Machine
Drilling is one of the common metalworking methods. This is the method of making holes, punching holes in the product. The most commonly used tool in drilling is a CNC drill . This machine is capable of drilling holes on the product accurately and meticulously thanks to a modern computer control system.
There are 3 common types of CNC drilling machines : vertical drills, bench drills, boom drills, etc. CNC drilling machines are used to manufacture and produce hole-shaped details such as bolts and screws, and barrels. guns/cannons, hydraulic cylinders, etc.
5. CNC grinding mechanical processing machine
Grinding is an extremely important and indispensable process in mechanical processing. Regardless of the type of machine it is cut with, the product needs to go through a grinding process. And CNC grinding machine was born to smooth the surface of the part. The work piece is fixed with a chuck or vise. The grinding wheel mounted on the turntable will rotate on the surface of the part to conduct grinding.
CNC grinding machines are used to smooth, smooth, remove excess on the surface and create surface gloss for the part.
In addition, there are CNC boring machines, CNC planing machines, CNC broaching machines, machining centers, etc. Each type of mechanical CNC machining machine plays an important role in the implementation, processing and manufacturing process. Hope the article has provided readers, especially technical brothers with useful knowledge.
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