Summary of common CNC machining errors in the production process

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Summary of common CNC machining errors in the production process
CNC machining has become one of the most important machining methods. However, during the implementation process, errors and failures cannot be avoided. So what are the common CNC machining errors in production? Let’s find out with us!
Product surface is burnt or deformed
How to know
This phenomenon is often evident on the surface of the processed product. It can be a rough, curved, concave, blackened, blackened grain on the product.
The main cause of this phenomenon is due to worn, blunt CNC cutting, milling or drilling blades. This error occurs because the water-phase cutting head does not ensure good lubrication and cooling tasks. This makes the friction and temperature during machining too great. Leads to the phenomenon of smoke and fire at the surface of the machining position. There are many problems with the material handling process. From there, it directly affects the appearance and surface of the finished product.
How to fix and handle
These errors need to be handled and fixed by technicians. They will review and learn the common problems encountered. For example, the Spindle is reversed, the blade is dull or the lubrication is not guaranteed,.. After performing the inspection procedures, it is possible to replace or re-sharpen the blade, re-adjust the Spindle or take other measures. other methods to solve.
CNC machine not working or not working properly?
This is one of the most common errors in the CNC machining process. This error is easy to spot
How to know
This error is shown through the control screen on the CNC machine by using an error message. Sometimes one axis or maybe all of the CNC axes don’t run and can’t move normally.

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The main cause of this CNC machining error is a problem with the machine’s software. It comes from incorrect software installation or possibly from a virus attack. Some cases may also be due to incompatibility of the software with the machine and system. Or because the card head connected to the computer is loose, the wire from the control box is flickering or the driver control box of the shaft is faulty.

How to fix

In case the software is faulty, to solve this problem, what you need to do is stop the machine and then reinstall the software. If the card is loose, remove the card from the computer and reconnect it. Make sure that the Card is properly inserted in the PCI position. Then turn on the computer and open the software. If that doesn’t work, ask for the help of technical staff. In case the driver is faulty, try cross-testing, if necessary, replace the driver with a new one.

The machine’s motor does not rotate

When in use, the condition that the CNC machine does not rotate is not uncommon. Usually this error will result from a stuck and problematic machine’s coil or bearings. It is also possible that the cause of the machine’s power supply is not enough or the control card is damaged, so the machine’s motor does not work.

– Spindle spindle does not run due to coil burn or inner ring jam

– Due to low power supply to the inverter, leading to inverter failure or Spindle stop

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– The control card of the machine is broken

– The signal is broken, the power cord between the inverter and the Spindle’s main shaft is short.


This problem should be fixed by experienced professionals. From there, determine exactly how the machine is failing to take steps to fix it. Therefore, turn off the device and contact the technical experts for the best support.

Milling cutter and drill bit broken

Broken milling cutters and drill bits are one of the common mistakes in the CNC machining process. This error is common when processing materials that are too thick, hard or because the machine is too old. The tool is broken because it is too old, not enough force to act on the material to be processed.

In many cases it can also be because you have used an unsuitable quality knife, the cutting process is too fast, or the cutting technique is not correct. The only way to fix it is to replace the knife with a new one.

The advice for you is to choose the right knives for the machine. At the same time, please use the machine carefully to get the most perfect and standard machining process.

This is considered the most dangerous error in the CNC machining process. This is due to a fault in the electrical system inside or outside the machine. If not careful, it can also endanger the entire electrical system and human life.

When encountering this error, quickly disconnect the breaker, stop all operations. Then contact the technical team for timely support. Thereby ensuring to reduce damage as well as prevent dangerous electrical problems that may occur.

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The above are common errors when conducting CNC machining. It can be seen that CNC machining is not an easy job, but it also has many potential risks.
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