Summary of 3 popular metal cutting methods in the machining industry

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Summary of 3 popular metal cutting methods in the machining industry
Currently, in most modern industrial production industries, metal cutting and metal processing are playing an extremely important role. And what are the widely used machining industry cutting methods? In this article, Cosmo Vietnam will summarize for you 3 popular metal cutting methods in the machining industry.
What is metal cutting?
In mechanical processing, metalworking as well as metal forming for many units uses many different methods. And cutting is the most common and widely used way in the mechanical processing process.
Cutting is to help shape and detail the product. This is also the first step in forming the metal before proceeding to other machining steps.
And today, the shaping of metal has become easier based on modern technologies and machines. Therefore, you can create sophisticated and detailed products in large quantities by cutting machining .
Cutting methods are the most common in the mechanical process
In fact, for a long time, manual metal cutting methods such as cutting with scissors, cutting machines, etc. But now, this manual method is only used in families or small processing workshops. For professional mechanical processing companies, they will use more advanced and modern methods. Specifically, the cutting methods of the processing industry are as follows:
Oxy-gas metal cutting method
This method is a method that has been around for a long time. And this is also one of the traditional metal cutting methods, simple and very low cost. No need to invest too much in machinery, you can easily perform metal cutting.
The oxy-gas torch can cut thick metal sheets. Based on the thickness of the metal, we can adjust the oxygen valve more or less. With steel thickness from 1000mm – 1500mm , using this method is the most optimal choice.
The workpieces with appropriate thickness, cut with oxy-gas, the product surface will be more beautiful, square edges and less slag. However, cutting thick metals will easily cause the surface to be chamfered; The larger the size, the higher the chamfer will be. Therefore, this method is mainly used with low iron and carbon alloys .
Laser cutting method
Although laser cutting technology has not been around for a long time, it has quickly caught up with the market as the most modern metal cutting method. The mechanism of action of this method is to use a laser to cut or engrave on the surface of the material.
When the machine is in operation, the laser beams , though very narrow, have extraordinary power. These laser beams will generate an energy source to cut the metal surface as required.
This method in mechanical processing can cut metal with a thickness of up to 31.75mm , but it is best cut at a thickness of about 25.4mm down. For metals with a thickness of more than 25.4mm , to get a beautiful, slag-free surface, it is necessary to ensure the correct cutting process, the purity of the gas as well as the nozzle and laser beam.
With the cutting method, the laser industry is not a fast cutting method. Because this is just a method that uses the concentrated heat of the laser to heat the metal surface instead of burning it. But this method is a high-precision cutting method with a very narrow cutting groove, a good quality cutting edge, no serrations, a square edge, and can completely remove slag.
Metal cutting by plasma method
The cutting method using plasma technology is one of the great advances in metal cutting technology. Compared to the cutting method using oxy-gas, this is a better technology, faster speed, less slag, and the metal surface is also more beautiful and accurate.
Plasma technology can cut any metal surface. The operation of the plasma cutter is also simple. This method is also very economical when used to cut metals over 30mm thick.
But in this method there is a shortcoming; That is, it is impossible to cut any material other than metal. Compared with laser technology, this technology does not give higher accuracy. And the plasma machine must be regularly changed nozzles, electrodes and tips in a short time. This shows that the cost of plasma technology is higher than other methods.
There are many cutting methods for you to choose from. Please base on the actual needs of the unit to choose the appropriate cutting method for the processing industry. Cosmovina is always ready to bring you the best solutions for the mechanical processing industry. Please contact us today!

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