Structure and application of stainless steel mesh conveyor belt

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Structure and application of stainless steel mesh conveyor
Stainless steel mesh conveyor belt is a type of conveyor belt with 304 stainless steel mesh surface to meet the specific characteristics and strict production standards of food processing and packaging businesses.

Advantages of stainless steel mesh conveyor

Stainless steel mesh conveyor belt is a conveyor belt with high heat resistance. Stainless steel conveyor mesh is capable of working in the temperature range from -5 to 50 degrees Celsius. In some cases, it can work in environments with temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius.

Stainless steel mesh conveyor belt is grease and food resistant, corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The weight of the system is light, so the energy consumption is also extremely low.

It can be said that in the working environment of the food production and processing industry, stainless steel mesh conveyor belts are the number 1 choice.
Structure of stainless steel mesh conveyor belt

The frame and mesh system of the conveyor are all stainless steel (Stainless steel 304). Including: Conveyor frame, active chain drive, steel frame passive to be suitable for food processing industry, food industry, confectionery production, seafood processing conveyor, fish and shrimp processing conveyor, processing conveyor. poultry processing, conveyor belts for the footwear industry, etc.

The 304 stainless steel mesh support chain system is a wear-resistant material, so it can operate for a long time without needing to be replaced. The motor and bearing system are shielded to ensure safe production.
In order for the stainless steel mesh frame of the conveyor belt not to be deformed, deflected under the pressure of the goods and the tension of the engine. You can add 2 chains on both sides of the stainless steel mesh to prevent wear.

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Conveyor belts are combined with stiffeners with stainless steel horizontal joints. The stiffener is responsible for helping the conveyor mesh surface not to sag and helping the conveyor belt to operate more stably for a long time.

Depending on the requirements, the conveyor can be designed with many stainless steel floors to increase the material storage area and save the area of ​​the factory. Especially for the drying system.

Stainless steel conveyor belt is designed with a 30-degree inclination angle, mounted with additional wheels and can be moved. Conveyor frame is assembled in clusters, lightweight materials are easy to disassemble, high mobility.

Application of stainless steel mesh conveyor

– One of the problems when processing food is that frozen products have low temperatures, products are easy to freeze, get stuck and stick on the face of the conveyor. Therefore, the problem of cleaning the conveyor belt will be very difficult. Stainless steel mesh conveyors are the perfect solution to these difficulties. Featuring a flat, non-stick mesh surface, it is an ideal solution for the frozen food industry.
In the seafood processing industry, stainless steel mesh conveyor belts will solve the problem of easy cleaning and no need to worry about the harmful effects of salt.

– In the drying and baking line, because the stainless steel conveyor belt can withstand high temperatures, it ensures that the elements are not conductive and easily deformed and do not shift when stretched. Thus avoiding waste of heat and improving the drying process

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