Stainless steel houseware production service

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Stainless steel houseware production service
Stainless steel is a material with high durability and aesthetics, so it is very popular in the production of household appliances.

Household appliances made from stainless steel are always appreciated for their safety and durability. Therefore, products made from this material are very popular today. Examples include: appliances in the kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, etc.
Applications of Inox in the production of household appliances
Stainless steel has a chemical composition including: Nickel, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Carbon, Manganese, Silicon… Therefore, items made from stainless steel have high durability and gloss. This is also considered an outstanding advantage of this material.
You may not know, stainless steel is also divided into different durability levels. Each type will have different advantages, disadvantages as well as different costs.
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* Household appliances made of stainless steel 201
Inox 201 is considered to be less durable than 304 stainless steel.
Although used to make household appliances such as sinks, cooking utensils such as pots and pans, etc., but this type of stainless steel is not suitable for outdoor applications because of its susceptibility to corrosion and cracking. cracked.
The advantage of this type of stainless steel is its low cost and high aesthetic value. But they also have the disadvantage of not being used on induction cookers. This is also considered a limitation of this material.

* Household appliances from 304 stainless steel
304 stainless steel is considered the material with the best durability, flexibility, and good oxidation resistance. Has a reasonable price. This is the most commonly used stainless steel in all grades of this material.
In the household, thanks to their high anti-wear properties, they are used to design sinks, ovens, gas stoves, industrial stoves, kitchen tools, deodorizers, and sanitary equipment.
In addition to us, 304 stainless steel also does not react with food, so it is extremely safe for the health of users.
* Stainless steel 410
Stainless steel 410 has the advantage of being reasonably priced, light in hand, and safe for users’ health. However, because the main ingredient is chromium. Therefore, it is easy to be stained and scratched after a long time of use.
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