Spiral conveyors and practical benefits in production

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Spiral conveyors and practical benefits in production
Spiral conveyor is a type of conveyor that can transport goods and products in a continuous flow. This type of conveyor is designed in a spiral in a spiral pattern, in an upward or downward direction.

One of the types of conveyors used a lot in recent times is the spiral conveyor line . So, what’s so special about this device? We invite you to learn with us through the article below.
Learn about spiral conveyors

Spiral conveyors are divided into many different types. Worth mentioning, this type of conveyor is very popular and widely used in the food processing industry, producing bottled drinking water, pharmaceuticals …. The application of this type of equipment in production will help increase work efficiency.

The structure of this type of conveyor is based on the characteristic of a spiral with an inclination of less than 10°. And they move from the bottom running up or vice versa also with a relative inclination. Furthermore, the curved design is intended to prevent spills as well as create a path for the product to move through.

Compared with conventional conveyors, the spiral conveyor has an advantage that thanks to the empty belt, the operation of this equipment line is more stable. This drum belt motor moves and produces a certain amount of energy. Makes transporting products lighter with less effort.
Spiral conveyors and practical benefits

The spiral conveyor also has a compact design, saves space in the factory and is easy to operate and repair.

The spiral conveyor has a very wide application range for handling packaged items such as bottles, cartons, cement, canned foods, medicinal herbs, etc.

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Spiral roller conveyors can be combined with other types of conveyors such as rough pvc conveyor belts, plastic chain conveyors to create a complete system with high efficiency.

Flexible operation, quiet operation, saving installation space and low energy consumption. At the same time, contributing to speeding up the production process, bringing more benefits to investors.

Above is an article to learn about spiral conveyors. If you have any product needs, please contact us with the information below for support and advice.

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