Should I use cheap industrial conveyor belts?

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Should I use cheap industrial conveyor belts?
Conveyor belt is considered as one of the important equipment to help support the movement of goods from manufacturing plants to mining works, loading and unloading goods, parking lots, and parking lots.
Perhaps, conveyor belts are no longer strange to any of us. It is like an elevator that helps move goods and supplies faster and easier. Limiting human effort, saving labor costs for production enterprises.
However, there are many production units because of small capital, so they will hesitate to invest in a complete conveyor system. Therefore, they look to places that provide cheap industrial conveyor belts . But, are these conveyors safe? Should or should not use these conveyors? We invite you to find out with our Cosmovina through the range of articles below.
Should or should not use industrial conveyor cheap?
For industrial machinery and equipment, buying cheap, used products will often bring two cases. Lucky people who buy good products can use them for a long time. But, the unlucky person to buy a bad machine is really “money lost”. Because for industrial equipment and products, if the machinery inside is not guaranteed, it will cause accidents at work, causing great damage to people and property. And the same goes for industrial conveyors.
Risks of investing in cheap conveyor belts
Therefore, we would like to list the risks often encountered when you invest in cheap conveyor belts as follows:
– Used conveyor belts, conveyor belts of unknown origin are often sold at very low prices. However, for these types of conveyor belts, there is usually no warranty. So, when the machine has a problem, you will not have a support technician team but have to outsource it yourself. Thus, the cost to spend to repair is very large. Even after just a few repairs, the money you spend is enough to install a whole new conveyor system.
So, you can easily see, although the initial cost is low, the maintenance costs are too high, right?
The second thing to mention is safety at work. Industrial machinery lines really bring a lot of benefits in production as well as in business. But, besides, if the internal motors are not guaranteed, it will cause accidents for users. But used conveyor products often have degraded internal parts and motors and will certainly not guarantee safety. Moreover, for such products, it will be difficult to find replacement parts when there is a problem with the machine.
In the event that a replacement part cannot be found, won’t your entire line be shut down?
The third thing to talk about is productivity. Automation is introduced into production because they help save human effort. Can operate for a long time without rest, but still ensure productivity, produce beautiful products, ensure aesthetics, standard every centimeter.
But, with used products, when the hooks are degraded, it will not ensure the accuracy to make false products, costing raw materials. For conveyors, too much damage will slow down the operation schedule, affecting productivity and revenue.
However, there are also many lucky people who can find cheap industrial conveyor products that can still work well. But that’s just a few. And you can’t be sure. So, with the information that we share above, we hope that you will make the most accurate decision for your business.
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