Recognizing stainless steel surface symbols in production and processing

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Recognizing stainless steel surface symbols in production and processing
Stainless steel surface symbols of post -processed products are important technical parameters in the design and selection of technological solutions. Surfaces are formed during the fabrication and rolling process of the sheet. Stainless steel surfaces are often treated by chemical methods to achieve surface levels, meeting the next stages.

Stainless steel surface symbol number 0 (No_0)
Usually of thick sheet metal sheet that is left untouched after hot rolling and annealing to uniform grain organization. Surfaces that have not been de-rusted and passivated should have a dark gray color.
Surface No. 1 (No1)
The surface of the stainless steel sheet is left intact after the hot rolling process, annealing, and is treated with rust removal and passivation. Hot rolled plate with symbol No1 is often used as a structure in construction mechanics. Typically, floor slabs, slots with bridges and roads, high-rise buildings, industrial water tanks, water treatment products and products that do not require high art.
2D (No2D) Digital Surface Symbols
The surface of the stainless steel plate after being cold rolled, annealed and treated with bleaching, soaking and passivation. Bright smooth surface. Cold rolled sheet with No 2D surface is often used for machine parts, petrochemical, construction engineering and pipe making.
Surface No. 2B (No2B)
The stainless steel plate with the symbol No2B has the same surface as No2D but is additionally rolled by rolling rollers with high surface gloss. No2B surface is smooth, glossy and can reflect clear images. This stainless steel plate is commonly used in most industrial and civil products.
Surface Type BA
This BA (Bright Annealed) surface is formed after lamination with extremely high profile rollers. It is then annealed in an inert gas to keep the surface of the stainless steel from oxidizing. ibox panels have a shiny, reflective BA surface used in the food, medical and interior decoration industries.
Surface Type No. 3 (No3)
This stainless steel surface is mechanically treated with a rough scratch machine. The grit of the abrasive is from 80-100. Stainless steel surfaces with this symbol are often intermediates for further machining processes.
Surface Type No. 4 (No4)
This surface is mechanically treated with a scratch machine. The abrasive grit is about 150-240. The surface of No4 plate is smooth and bright white attractive. No4 stainless steel plate is used in most areas of life. In industry used for food equipment, chemical, biomedical, hospital, kitchen equipment, elevator,. In civil use for household appliances, decorative walls, stairs and handrails.
Satin surface style
Mechanical processing method by scratch machine with grain size from 320-400.
Surface Type 8K
This surface is also known as mirror gloss and is polished with a combination of fabric and chemicals to create a mirror-like glossy surface. Mirror glossy panels are used mainly in interior mechanics (furniture and interior decoration).

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