Receive mechanical processing according to customer’s request

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Receive mechanical processing according to customer’s request
Currently, the development of the mechanical industry leads to an increase in the demand for processing and manufacturing products. Therefore, it is not difficult to find a workshop specializing in manufacturing and mechanical processing . And Cosmovina is one of the on-demand mechanical processing units , ensuring quality and affordable prices. Let ‘s find out the mechanical processing service at Cosmovina
1. Process of receiving mechanical processing at Cosmovina
Cosmovina receives mechanical processing according to the following process:

Step 1 – Receive customer drawings and requirements: materials, product dimensions, tolerances, product photos, etc.
Step 2 – Consulting & Quotation: After receiving the request, Cosmovina’s technical team will analyze the solution and feasibility of the product, make a completion plan, give further advice and provide a detailed quote. for customers.
Step 3 – Agree on the plan: After the consultant and the customer agree to implement the optimal solution, Cosmovina will complete the complete design file and send it back for the last time.
Step 4 – Processing: After agreeing on the complete design, Cosmovina proceeds to process the product as required, ensuring the completion schedule with absolute precision and quality.
Step 5 – Delivery: When ordering processing at Cosmovina, we will support delivery after the product is completed and meets the required quality standards.
With an abundant and highly qualified human resource team, the process of receiving mechanical processing at Cosmovina ensures fast, professional, mass processing, meeting the work schedule, …
2. What forms of processing does Cosmovina receive?
At Cosmovina , we are equipped with advanced machinery and technology to be able to create many processed products in different forms.
Machining on demand on CNC lathes
With modern machinery and advanced human resources, we have performed CNC turning for many businesses and individuals in the Northern provinces. The corresponding turning types such as step turning, external turning, metal threading, etc.
Machining on demand on CNC milling machines
With milling machines combined with milling cutters and drill bits meeting European standards, Cosmovina can process groove milling, face milling, drilling, etc. Machining products ensure the quality and requirements of customers.
Mechanical processing according to laser cutting requirements
This modern processing method gives more optimal efficiency than the above two forms. This is the most modern and professional form of processing in the industry today.
3. Why does Cosmovina apply CNC machining?
With modern machinery, we can create a variety of mechanical products and machine details according to the requirements of customers.
Do not “pick up” the processing materials. Almost all materials can be precisely machined, even those with high hardness.
With modern machinery and equipment, mechanical processing of any part no longer takes as much time as before. The devices are fully automatic according to pre-programmed modules.
CNC mechanical processing ensures high dimensional accuracy, better product surface smoothness, and increased product quality.
Prestigious precision mechanical processing workshop in Hanoi and the northern provinces.
Cosmovina specializes in precision mechanical processing with the most modern equipment, highly qualified and experienced human resources. We accept design, consulting, manufacturing, CNC machining, … Ensure to bring machine details, the best products, to meet the requirements of customers.
Contact details:

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Address : No. 6, An Sinh Street, Co Nhue 1 Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi City.
Phone : – Hotline: 0932.488.998
Website: https://www.cosmovina.com/
Email: marketing.cosmovina@gmail.com

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