Processing and installing all kinds of working tables in Hanoi

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Processing and installing all kinds of Operation table in Hanoi
Working table is an indispensable product in the process of working in factories producing electronic components, medical equipment, accessories, etc. Industrial working tables are used for multi-function work. such as: Checking product quality, processing products, placing all kinds of equipment and machines during the working process. Depending on the needs and purposes of use, customers can install different types of operating tables with different functions.
What is a Operation table?
Like other types of Operation table, working table is a type of workbench used in the electronics, semiconductor, medical equipment industries, .. Usually used in clean rooms or manufacturing factories. mechanical production,..
Working tables on the market today are made from materials such as stainless steel, powder-coated steel, etc. Tables can be connected from each other by plastic pipes combined with metal joints or other types of joints. plastic joints if the table requires a lighter load.
Depending on the industry, you can choose suitable materials.
Classification of operating tables
There are many different types of desks on the market today. Customers who are in need of processing work tables, please contact us for specific advice. Some of the most commonly used operating tables today are:
Clean room working table
This type of table is often used in medical rooms, laboratories, .. Because of the high requirements for antibacterial properties, the table is usually made from tools such as stainless steel, powder-coated steel, ..
Advantages of the clean room workbench: Guaranteed to be hard and stable in the office, easy to clean, does not generate dust during use, withstands large loads, is colorfast and has a long time of use.
Cons: Dead welds cannot be disassembled during transportation, cumbersome, high cost due to high raw materials
The materials are often used when processing clean room workbench.
– Table top: Flat or punched stainless steel
Table frame: Stainless steel 201 or 304. Usually square stainless steel frame, round stainless steel frame,
Anti-static working table (assembled working table)
A type of workbench that uses materials such as stainless steel pipes, plastic coated steel, combined with metal joints or plastic joints.

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Profiled aluminum working table
Stainless steel working table
Stainless steel work table with drawers
Specifications of the workbench
There are many types of workbenches on the market today, but for an overview Cosmovina will introduce you to the assembled workbench with metal joints with plastic or stainless steel armored pipes, using stainless steel or MDF wood surface covered with anti-static rubber mat. This is also the most commonly used table in many different industries

The parameters that users are interested in at the operation table are Dimensions (length * width * height) how much? What special requirements are included? (with 2 floors, with light bulbs or not…), What are the materials used? (pipes/joints or stainless steel or powder coated steel…), Table load (in kg)…

In terms of general structure, the assembled workbench usually has table legs, joints together to form a table frame. Table top made of stainless steel or MDF covered with an anti-static rubber mat on top. Table legs are used to increase height or use wheels if need to move the table during use.

Processing and installing Operation table in Hanoi
Depending on the purpose and type of production, businesses can choose for themselves the appropriate operating tables.
If you are still confused about which type of operating table to choose, then come to COSMOVINA immediately. The reasons you should choose us are:
– Quality products: Cosmovina’s aluminum profiles are manufactured based on the most modern and advanced production lines, high quality products with many Uu Viet capabilities. Products have been chosen by many large, small, domestic and foreign enterprises.
– Products meet international standards, long warranty
– The aluminum profiled workbench at Cosmovina has a long life, timeless durability, strong heat resistance
– With quality service and enthusiastic advice, professional design and construction skills combined with leading manufacturing engineers, a precise installation and construction team ensures that the machining process will definitely bring you the best results. superior system for customers.
Contact Cosmovina immediately for advice and selection of suitable products at the most competitive prices today.
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