Prestigious quality aluminum frame working table in Hanoi

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Prestigious quality aluminum frame working table in Hanoi
The shaped aluminum frame workbench is often applied in the industries of manufacturing and assembling electronic components. Because they have durability, high aesthetics as well as anti-rust features.
When it comes to ” operating table “, many people will probably feel confused because they do not understand what this is used for? What is the difference between them and regular tables? So, to be able to get the most accurate information about ” operating table ” in general and ” manipulating table with aluminum frame in particular “, don’t ignore the article below of our Cosmovina !
General information about industrial workbenches
The operation table is also known in English as Working table / Manipulator table, used to support workers in workshops to work more conveniently. The main effect of this type of device is to be used to place products, or small details such as (bolts, screws) to aim. For such small details, if you are not careful, it is easy to lose, fall… Therefore, these operating tables will help them stay on the table, not falling.

Working tables are now very diverse in form and type such as: clean room operating table , perforated clean room operating table , wooden working table …. However, the type of workbench that we want to introduce to you today is the “ profiled aluminum workbench ”.
Learn about aluminum profile worktables
Right from the name you can completely recognize, the main material that makes up this workbench product line is ” profiled aluminum “.
Profiled aluminum is a form of aluminum alloy. To be able to maximize their advantages and characteristics, aluminum makers must regularly take them to metal processing. Referring to the element aluminum refers to the product’s ability to resist oxidation and rust. If steel wants to prevent rust, it must be hot-dip galvanized. But for aluminum this process is completely unnecessary. And especially the aesthetics that are always shiny over time.
Moreover, aluminum is also known to have good anti-static ability, ensuring safety during use.
The above are the advantages of the materials that make up the ” aluminum frame workbench “. And next, we will learn more about the structure and specifications of this device!
Structure and specifications of aluminum profile conveyor
Table frame with aluminum profile box
The table frame is assembled by corner ke
Wooden surface with anti-static rubber mat
Blanket adjustable steel plated
Dimensions: W1100xL1100xH2150mm
Processing and assembling according to customer requirements
The table is designed with a system of lights, tasks and a number of necessary accessories depending on the specific production field of the ordering enterprise. industrial aluminum profile
Wooden table top with electrostatic rubber paste
Foot Master Trolley Wheels
The frame is a profiled aluminum bar
However, if you want to buy good products, you can’t help but learn about reputable and quality suppliers. So, do you know where the aluminum frame manipulator is reputable and quality in Hanoi?
Address providing prestigious aluminum-frame working table in Hanoi
One of the problems that makes anyone think about it is “where to buy quality? Not only the workbench but also for any profession.
Therefore, today, we would like to introduce to you a unit specializing in providing all kinds of industrial auxiliary equipment for most large and small businesses across the country today. That is COSMO VIETNAM . Here, Cosmo not only provides all kinds of working tables but also other types of equipment that support the transportation of goods such as conveyor belts , or other forms of precision mechanical processing that are very popular today.
With many years of experience in the industry, we always know the advantages as well as the limitations of the product so that we can offer solutions to deliver the best products to our customers.
Besides the plus points of product quality, we also focus a lot on customer service as well as after-sale service. Warranty is always guaranteed, technical staff will always be on hand to support customers whenever equipment malfunctions. Because it is a genuine product, spare parts are always available for replacement without affecting your work operation.
Come to Cosmovina to experience the best services and highest quality products.
If you have any questions, please contact us using the information below to be answered.
For further information, please contact:
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Phone: – Hotline: 0932.488.998
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