Outstanding features of plastic chain conveyors you need to know

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Outstanding features of plastic chain conveyors you need to know
Plastic chain conveyor is a product used in light industries, flexible and simple transportation.
In recent years, the application of automation in production is no longer strange to any of us. And in that process, it is impossible not to mention the conveyor system – a device that supports the transportation of goods and materials to help save human effort and a huge labor cost for businesses.
Therefore, Cosmovina with many years of experience in the industry specializes in providing conveyor belts of all kinds. We understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type to advise customers. And the product we want to introduce to you today is: “ plastic chain conveyor ”.
So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of conveyor? Let’s find out together through the following article!
Learn about plastic chain conveyors
First, we will learn together about the structure of plastic chain conveyor
Gear reduction motor.
Conveyor frame: Made of stainless steel, steel or profiled aluminum.
Chain material: Plastic POM, brown color, shaft is made of stainless steel.
Electrical cabinets include: Control inverter, Rowle, magnetic starter, and switch, Timer, …
Electrical system: Motor, speed control inverter, control cabinet, sensor auxiliary equipment, hmi, plc..
Power supply using 1 phase 220V or 3 phase 380V
Lighting systems, compressed air lines, etc. are installed according to the intended use.
There are support arms, support bars, product barriers.
Working environment: from -10 to 90°C.
Size: depending on the size, type of production and different needs of each business, design plastic chain conveyors with suitable sizes.
The reasons you should choose to use plastic chain conveyors
– The first reason to mention is the flexibility in transporting goods.
Plastic chain conveyors can transport almost any size goods from large to small. Especially products with super small sizes such as toys, soft drinks, medical supplies…
In addition, the plastic chain used as the conveying surface is easy to customize and can be fabricated to small widths to convey any given product specification.
– The second reason is not limited space
Compared to other types of conveyors, chain conveyors are sized to fit most spaces in production units. It can take tight turns and can have some curves and straights provided by a drive due to the low coefficient of friction of the plastic chain. This will help reduce operating costs compared to other conveyor models.
Moreover, this type of conveyor is also custom designed to be combined with other ancillary equipment. This helps to create a smooth working system, reducing wasted time in the transmission process.
Above is an article about information related to plastic chain conveyors. If you need more information about the product, please contact us at the information below for support and answer.

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