Notes when operating industrial conveyors

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Notes when operating industrial conveyors
Industrial conveyor systems play an increasingly important role in production. Conveyor systems are often designed to be simple, easy to disassemble and install. However, the following things to keep in mind when operating a conveyor belt will help you use the conveyor safely and effectively.

Principles to note when operating conveyors

Principle 1
Thoroughly check all components and details that the conveyor belt is installed correctly. At the same time, checking the machine before operating will help detect errors so that they can be remedied soon.
Principle 2
Regularly check and maintain the engines. Change the oil and clean the machine regularly. You need to pay attention to check the correct type of oil as well as the amount of oil to be checked accordingly. This will help the machine be able to increase its durability as well as be able to operate smoothly.
Principle 3

After you have just bought the device and installed it, you should test it out to verify the quality of the product. To promptly detect conveyor deviations. At the same time remove obstacles that hinder the movement of the conveyor belt, making sure the belt tension is correct.

Rule number 4

Before operating the machine, you need to check the power of the system as well as the entire electrical system in the factory to make sure that there are no problems related to the power supply. The power switches and circuit diagrams are completely well protected from being affected by external factors.

Notes during operation

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When using conveyors and conveyor belts, it is important to increase worker safety and increase the durability of conveyor belts to minimize costs related to repair in the event of an accident. You should note that:

– When the conveyor is working, do not touch the conveyor
– Do not operate the conveyor without the safety lock
– Do not place excessive amounts of lead on the conveyor surface
– Do not stand too close to the conveyor
– Check all conveyors before starting
– During operation, it is necessary to observe the change of belt speed
– Turn off the conveyor when not in use
Do’s and Don’ts when using conveyors

In order to limit occupational accidents when using conveyor belts, each of us needs to be more conscious in using conveyor belts to ensure the life and health of our close friends.

Things to do

– Keep a safe distance between clothes and body parts with the conveyor belt
– It is advisable to ensure that conveyor equipment is cleaned once it is started. There should be devices to warn employees before starting the line
– It is necessary to have an accident siren, as well as to know how to handle injury if something unfortunate happens.
– The location and function of the conveyor controller should be known so that all staff can turn the machine on and off
– Priority should be given to opening training courses on how to use conveyors safely
– Report to management with unsafe problems when operating the conveyor
Things not to do

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– Do not stand, climb, or sit on the conveyor belt while it is in operation. Its parts can drag objects around. If you don’t sew clothes or people get caught in it, it will be very dangerous.
– Do not arbitrarily change and remove the conveyor guards
– Conveyor controls must not be made or used incorrectly. Because these will lead to a less safe working environment
The above are the things to keep in mind during the operation of industrial conveyors. Hopefully, through this article, you will be able to use conveyors more safely and effectively.

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