No. 1 quality ribbed conveyor installation company in Hanoi

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No 1 quality ribbed conveyor installation company in Hanoi
Ribbed conveyor belt is one of the highly appreciated industrial conveyor lines on the market and is commonly used today. Among the reputable and quality tendon conveyor suppliers; The name Cosmovina is indispensable . Why should you choose Cosmovina’s Ribbed Conveyor ?
Structure of Ribbed Conveyor
Cosmovina uses modern conveyor belt production lines , applying strict standards and requirements of customers. Basically, the ribbed conveyor lines produced at Cosmovina have the following structure:
Iron frame: made from solid steel, aluminum or stainless steel. There is an electrostatic paint coating to ensure absolute safety in terms of quality.
Conveyor belts are made from synthetic PVC or neoprene ropes. Imported high quality, durable, good bearing.
Conveyor control by inverter system: simple, fast, safe and effective operation
Install more lighting system to be able to work in dark conditions.
The size depends on the needs of the customer and the production scale.
Features of Cosmovina tendon conveyor
Ribbed conveyor belt is designed with rubber layers on top with tight adhesion. Ensure good circulation of goods, good bearing and heat resistance.
The ribbed angle and pitch are designed to ensure that the conveyor belt operates stably on the rollers.
Ribbed conveyor belts are resistant to moisture, oil, acids, gases, sunlight, etc.
The conveyor surface has good elasticity, does not stretch when operating, and has a long service life.
Good heat resistance from -10 degrees C to 80 degrees C.
Application of ribbed conveyor in industrial production
Ribbed conveyor belts have high applications in many fields of industrial production. The system helps to transport medium and light weight goods and products. Ribbed conveyor belts can be used in many production stages. Such as the transportation of goods, materials up and down, the transition between lines, the canning stage, the transportation stage, etc.
Ribbed conveyor belts are widely used in assembly lines, electronics, food processing, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, printing, etc. Especially used in the case of transporting slippery goods or needing to be transported. goods with a steep slope.
Top quality and reputable ribbed conveyor installation unit
The demand for conveyor belts has increased, so more and more units have installed conveyor belts. But where is the quality and perfect choice for the customer’s purpose? If you are still looking, please refer to Cosmovina – one of the most prestigious addresses specializing in providing conveyor solutions in Hanoi.
Here, we are committed to designing and manufacturing high quality conveyor belts according to customer requirements. With the word “Trust – Faith” on the forefront of business goals, Cosmovina has provided and completed thousands of solutions for installing heat-resistant conveyor belts for Vietnamese businesses.

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In addition, we also provide a variety of conveyor systems such as chain conveyors , roller conveyors , PVC conveyors , curved conveyors , food conveyors , etc. With many years of experience in this field, we have I have contributed to the success of hundreds of manufacturing and shipping businesses in Vietnam.

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Address: No. 6, An Sinh Street, Co Nhue 1 Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi City.

Phone: – Hotline: 0932.488.998

Website: https://www.cosmovina.com/

Email: marketing.cosmovina@gmail.com

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