Mechanical processing and metal coating

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Mechanical processing and metal coating
Mechanical processing: metal processing and coating under industry code 2592-2592. This group includes activities such as drilling, turning, grinding, grinding, planing, chiseling, sawing, polishing, welding, joining, etc.
When it comes to mechanical processing , we all understand that these are processing activities based on modern machinery and equipment, combined with physical principles to create products. One of them must be mentioned such as: Special material processing , metal processing , cnc milling processing , …
However, the concept of ” metal coating ” is still unfamiliar to many people. There are also people who wonder, “why is it necessary to coat the metal? What’s the use of doing that?”
And to answer the above questions, please read the detailed article below of Cosmo Vietnam !
First, we will learn together about the concept of “coated metal”.
What is metal coating?
Metal coating is considered an advanced metal surface treatment technology widely used in almost all mechanical industries today. The product after being coated will have higher durability.
This technology works by using a strong flow of compressed air that disperses into very small mist particles that stick to metal surfaces. The thickness of the coating is made according to the requirements of the customer.
The thicker the coating, the more metal particles it contains, and the durability of the product increases accordingly. Products coated with metal will have abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, … many times better than conventional metals.
Methods of mechanical processing, metal coating
Plating, polishing metal :
This is a method to create gloss for metal, finishing the surface of the product before putting it into the plating process. Helps to increase the aesthetics of the product.
Heat treatment of metals :
This method is carried out in 3 stages: heating, keeping heat, and cooling.
In addition, it is also necessary to combine with other methods such as: combined heating with annealing, surface heating, agglomeration hardening, vacuum heating, nitriding heating, carbon permeation, volume heating …
Sandblasting, mixing, metal cleaning :
This method uses a pressure spray device to spray small, hard abrasive particles such as dry sand, stone chips or steel balls onto the surface. Using this method will help to quickly clean metal surfaces while preserving the structure and appearance of the product.
Dyeing, touching, printing metal :
When you want to change the color on the metal surface or print embossed motifs on demand, you should choose this method.
Metallic coating :
is a method of coating metal surfaces with a layer of enamel, lacquer, etc.
Laser cutting or engraving on metal :
Thanks to the use of Laser, the cutting and engraving lines will become sharper and more perfect.
Metal grinding and polishing :
After the product is out, you need to re-process the edges, cut off the excess corners … This not only brings aesthetics but also ensures safety during use.
Drilling, turning, grinding, grinding, planing, chiseling ,…
This method will help process and shape products from basic to complex.
Above is all the basic information about metal-coated mechanical processing. Through this article, you probably have a better understanding of this new processing method, right? If you have any questions, please contact us by phone: – Hotline : 0932.488.998 for support and advice.

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