Introduction of conveyor belts used in the food industry

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Introduction of conveyor belts used in the food industry
Food conveyor belt is a specialized conveyor line used in the fields of food production with industrial scale in production lines, packaging, etc. With preeminent features, food conveyor belts can meet the requirements production standards and requires the assurance of food safety and hygiene factors.
General information about food conveyors
The food conveyor belt is designed to be easy to clean and install. Conveyor belts are usually made of flexible, thin but strong PU plastic. Conveyor belt surface can be made of stainless steel or many other materials for easy cleaning and cleaning and does not cause the conveyor belt to stick to food. Usually, the preferred material for installing food conveyor belts will be stainless steel (stainless steel 304, 316). This is considered the best material because it has anti-corrosion properties, is easy to disinfect and clean.
Besides, it is possible to use high-grade conveyor belts from PU plastic that is resistant to sticking with foods with high adhesion such as meat, fish, grease, .. From there the food is transported smoothly. easily intact, reducing damage and loss and making it easier to clean the conveyor belt. High resistance to hydrolysis, grease, chemicals helps conveyors maintain toughness and durability over the years.
Conveyor belts for food processing are usually designed with 1 or 2 floors to save space in factories, improve productivity and work efficiency.
With many years of experience in conveyor design and manufacturing, Cosmo always applies the most advanced techniques. Cosmo’s food conveyor belts are designed with the best materials to ensure a long service life without breakage, peeling, and maximize the life of the conveyor.
Application of food conveyor
In the seafood processing industry, processing lines for fresh and frozen fish, ..
– In the meat processing and preservation industry
– Production and processing lines for confectionery, bakery products, ..
– Potato processing line
– Processing line for chicken, beef, pork, ..
Advantages of food conveyors
– Food conveyor has the ability to operate stably, can adjust the speed, capacity according to your needs
– Low noise is suitable for businesses with high requirements for quietness
– Simple structure, convenient maintenance and shortened production time
– Low energy consumption and cost saving
– No sharp edges and dangerous for workers during use
– Food conveyor equipment and components are all resistant to corrosion and oxidation
– Non-stick conveyor surface, conveyor accessories are easy to replace and install
Currently Cosmovina is a unit specializing in the production and supply of materials for conveyor systems, conveyor belts. With a team of highly qualified engineers, we are constantly researching and producing high quality, durable materials and components with reasonable prices.

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