Instructions on the method of gluing rubber conveyor belts

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Instructions on the method of gluing rubber conveyor belts
Due to the characteristics of each industry and factory, rubber conveyor belts are designed differently to suit the production process. After a period of use, the conveyor joint is often torn or cannot be used anymore. If it’s a little damaged, it’s quite expensive to replace it with a new one. So people think of the gluing method. The gluing of rubber conveyor belts determines 90% of the life of each device. Today, Cosmovina will show you how to easily glue rubber conveyor belts so that you can continue to use them.
1. How to glue rubber conveyor belts with pins
This is a way of gluing rubber conveyor belts used for large conveyor belts such as conveyor belts in coal ores, minerals, etc. Apply this gluing method when the line works with low intensity, transporting heavy loads. Transfer lightweight materials.
Advantages: The method of connecting rubber conveyor belts with pins is quick, easy, and cheap. In particular, there is no need to dismantle machinery to carry out.
Disadvantages: the method creates gaps for tearing and shortens the life of the conveyor belt. Reduces traction, causes loud noise and sometimes affects the speed of equipment, takes time and costs to repair, etc.
2. How to glue the rubber conveyor belt by cold gluing
This is the method of using glue to glue the rubber conveyor belt directly. The commonly used glues for this method are Tiptop, Nilos TL70, SC 2000,… When performing this method, you need to pay attention to using the right glue and applying the correct gluing technique.
Advantages: strong and beautiful joints. Helps extend conveyor belt life more than per stapler. Better tensile strength, reduce unnecessary costs in production, long operating time, no noise, etc.
Disadvantages: high cost, labor intensive, labor cost, longer implementation time.
It can be seen that the method of gluing rubber conveyor belts by cold gluing is expensive. However, it is not too expensive, moreover this method contains many advantages. Thanks to that, it is widely used, effective in working environment such as batching plant, stone loading, coal loading, …
3. How to glue rubber conveyor belts by hot gluing (vulcanizing or heat pressing)
This method is performed similarly to cold gluing, but with the added final step of heating the joint. The way to connect rubber conveyor belts by hot gluing method is quite common today. Joints have higher strength than cold glue method. Suitable for businesses working in environments that need to bear large loads and have high durability such as batching plants, coal loading, etc.
Advantages: beautiful and quality joints, almost no seams are visible. High strength, good tensile strength, ensuring a longer life than the above two methods.
Disadvantages: the highest cost of the 3 methods of gluing rubber conveyor belts . Due to the use of bulky, labor-intensive machinery and the need for more young rubber.
Above is a summary of 3 methods of gluing rubber conveyor belts that are commonly applied in many businesses today. Investing in a high-quality conveyor system with advanced technology is the first step to the success of the factory’s production and transportation system. Therefore, you should look for reputable and quality conveyor belt suppliers in the market.

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