Instructions on how to operate the most detailed CNC lathe

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Instructions on how to operate the most detailed CNC lathe
CNC lathe is one of the most used CNC machines in mechanical processing today. This versatile device is used to make everything from auto parts to furniture. In order to have beautiful finished products, high accuracy, the operation of the machine is very important. In today’s article, Cosmovina will show you how to operate a CNC lathe in the most detail.
1. How to operate a CNC lathe correctly
Step 1: Start the machine
From the idle state, turn on the spindle in either direction to preheat the machine. This helps the machine to operate evenly and stably, limiting damage during the machining process. Meanwhile, prepare the measuring tools and workpiece materials needed for the entire process. Because you should not leave the machine while operating the device. You also need to fully prepare the functions used on the lathe and the necessary supporting tools.
Step 2: Install the device
At this step, you should remove unnecessary programs on the machine. CNC running programs may vary from day to day. Therefore, if you do not use old running programs, please remove them to replace with new programs, suitable for today’s work. Usually, CNC machine programs are used to process sharp knife chips.
Step 3: Attach the necessary tools to the knife wheel
In 1 operating cycle, a CNC lathe can use many tools. Attach the turning tool to the correct position for each operation. This allows the lathe to use information about the position of each tool to determine where it will be set to cut the workpiece.
Step 4: Put the workpiece material into the chuck and tighten to hold the workpiece
Workpiece parts will be clamped by the CNC lathe chuck. Dual pins are mounted on the chuck to clamp the workpiece. The foot pedal is used to adjust the clamping force.
Step 5: Adjust the CNC lathe control panel
The CNC lathe control panel is considered the brain of the device. All programs are stored inside this panel. On it, there are function keys for CNC machinists to easily control the equipment and control the operation of the CNC lathe. When different keys are pressed on the control panel, the CNC machine stops the axis from moving.
If desired, the operator can set up a new CNC program using this table. CNC programs can be transferred using the USB port on the part. As such, this is considered the main part when you want to operate the CNC machine.
Step 6: Set Zero point for CNC lathe
Control the CNC lathe to move the tool to the correct position relative to the Zero (0). Set the starting point for the tool to accurately measure the workpiece size. Then move the tool in contact with the workpiece and set the zero point on the control panel. The machine will remember this position and execute the pre-programmed instructions.

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2. Main commands to control CNC lathes

#Spindle control command
This command, denoted by S, allows to specify the number of spindle revolutions in units and rpm. Where the M03 instruction controls the shaft to rotate clockwise. The M04 instruction drives the spindle counterclockwise. Command M05 to stop spindle rotation.
#Automatic tool change command
The turning tool is an important part when operating a CNC lathe. The tool change command is denoted by T with the number to display. This number indicates the tool change position in the recess which number is being used.
Most CNC lathes use the M06 command to change the tool automatically during operation. For the automatic tool change command of the turning center, the T command will be accompanied by 4 digits. In which, the first 2 numbers are used to identify the tool station, the last 2 numbers are the position of the tool pocket.
#Command to cause spray solution
This command is used frequently during CNC lathe operation. The worker will apply the M07 command to spray the solution in the form of a mist. Command M06 to spray overflow on turning surface. The M09 command is used to stop spraying the solution.
Above are instructions on how to operate a CNC lathe and the main commands used when operating the device. Depending on the manufacturer, the different lathe models, one can add some new operations and features. Properly operating CNC lathes will give high-quality finished products, ensuring the production efficiency of workshops, businesses, industrial parks, etc.
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