Instructions on how to choose the motor used for the conveyor

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Instructions on how to choose the motor used for the conveyor
The conveyor’s motor determines the operating efficiency, durability, safety and economy of the conveyor system. When choosing conveyors for businesses, or choosing conveyor belts, rollers, rollers, rollers, .. You also need to pay attention and choose the motor for the conveyor . Here are detailed instructions to help you how to motor the conveyor belt correctly.

Reasons to choose the right engine

Conveyor belts in particular and the system of machinery and equipment using engines in general, when the engine fails or the capacity is not suitable, seriously affects the efficiency of work and the safety of people around. So it’s no coincidence that when choosing products, users often pay a lot of attention to capacity.

If the working capacity of the conveyor system is chosen too high, it will not fully exploit the working efficiency of the motor, causing a waste of electrical energy. If you choose a lower working capacity than required, your productivity will decrease, production stagnation will increase time and cost of use. Or more seriously, the engines will quickly heat up, easily explode, unsafe and cause damage to people and property.
So please pay careful attention when choosing a conveyor motor to improve working efficiency, prolong the life of the machine and save costs.

How to choose the right motor for the conveyor

There are many factors that affect the motor of a conveyor belt. To put it simply, the capacity of the conveyor belt depends a lot on the size, slope, speed, transportation time, working environment, etc. The factors that determine the capacity of the conveyor include:
– Conveyor load: is the total volume of goods and materials that the conveyor can bear
– Conveyor speed
– The friction system includes belt, speed reducer, pulley.
– Engine gear ratio = Gearbox rotation speed / pulley rotation speed
– Motor torque: calculated according to the torque of the gearbox and the torque of the pulley
Where: Pully torque = (motor coefficient of friction x load x pully diameter/2)/η1

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Gearbox torque = (pull torque x gear ratio) x 2
The working power of the engine is calculated by (engine torque x gear ratio)/716.2
Input current
Average operating time of conveyor belts per day
It is necessary to pay attention to the accuracy and careful calculation of the above parameters to choose the appropriate capacity. If you are still not clear about how to choose a conveyor motor or other conveyor related problems, please contact us immediately.

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