Installation of working tables for factory workers in industrial zones

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Installation of working tables for factory workers in industrial zones
The operating table is a necessary item in industrial parks and factories producing electronic components. Therefore, many businesses have focused on installing operating tables for factory workers. Industrial zone working tables create favorable conditions for workers to have a good working environment and at the same time ensure workers’ health.
Features of working desks for workers

Working tables for workers are designed from many different materials such as stainless steel, aluminum profiles, steel pipes, etc. This type of table has good resistance and high durability. Many component manufacturers choose anti-static workbench, which prevents the product from being damaged during the production process.

The general structure of the workbench for workers is:
Table frame: made from powder coated steel, stainless steel, profiled aluminum.
Table top: made of wood covered with anti-static rubber, stainless steel, …
Dimensions are designed and installed according to customer requirements.
Install more lighting systems, electrical outlets, chairs, etc.
Types of industrial working tables
1. Stainless steel working table
Stainless steel table is made from 201 or 304 stainless steel to not rust, high gloss, corrosion resistance and durable time. The table top can be coated with anti-static rubber. This type of table is often used in the clean room of the workshop.
2. Plastic coated steel pipe working table and coupling
This type of working table is made from plastic coated steel pipe, the connection between the bars is a coupling and a bolt. Articulated working tables are chosen by many because of their flexibility and high durability, light structure. The table top is mainly made of MDF with a thickness of about 17mm and coated with anti-static rubber to ensure safety and aesthetics.
3. Profiled aluminum working table
The frame of the aluminum workbench is made up of aluminum hugs, connected by specialized bolts and screws. The advantage of this type of table is that it is not rusty, light, easy to disassemble and has good aesthetics. The table top is made from MDF wood covered with anti-static rubber mat similar to the plastic coated steel pipe work table and joints.
Location of installation of working tables for factory workers in industrial zones

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