Install professional infrared drying conveyor

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Install professional infrared drying conveyor
Professional infrared drying conveyor is one of the industrial conveyor products that are improved more modern than other conveyor lines. Currently, infrared drying conveyor is used to dry components, screen printing products, fabrics, packaging with drying and hardening, .. With the high applicability of infrared drying conveyor. Let’s learn more about infrared drying conveyor and installation address of professional infrared drying conveyor system with us!
What is infrared drying conveyor?
Infrared drying conveyor is a product designed on modern lines, applying advanced production methods based on high industrial equipment. The drying process is performed by an independent heater that is set to open and close by the central controller, which increases efficiency and saves energy.
Specifications of infrared drying conveyor
– Conveyor frame is made from aluminum profile, stainless steel, CT3 steel, ..
– Roller: 50 to 114
– Conveyor belt PVC-PU-mesh-stainless steel (depending on the needs and nature of the work to choose the right conveyor belt)
– Width of drying chamber: 400-1500mm
– Long chamber length: 1000mm – 5000mm
– Control by inverter
– Adjust the temperature by automatic (depending on the product to be dried)
– Use voltage source 220V / 380V
– Using imported German infrared bulb with length from 300 to 1800mm
Working speed of conveyor from 0-20m/p
– Machine capacity 21kW
Working temperature from 80 to 250 degrees Celsius
Outstanding advantages of infrared drying conveyor system
The product has good quality, flat surface and high wear resistance, durability and good ventilation.
– Good bearing capacity, no deformation when impacted, no rust phenomenon. Ensure the quality of dried products as well as ensure the health of consumers.
– It is resistant to chemicals and removes adhesives, ensuring the quality of the product when it is dried.
Infrared drying conveyor has a simple and compact structure that is easy to transport, install and maintain.
– Fast shipping speed, ability to work continuously for a long time, make the production process smooth, stable and bring high efficiency when working. At the same time, it avoids the waste of heat and improves the efficiency of the product drying process
With the above advantages, nowadays infrared drying conveyors are extremely popular. It brings high efficiency, and at the same time avoids the waste of heat, electricity, etc. Helps businesses in the production process.
Install professional infrared drying conveyor
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