How to handle the exact error of the conveyor belt running out of detail

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How to handle the exact error of the conveyor belt running out of detail
Conveyor belt is a device used quite commonly in industrial production activities. With high transport capacity and large cargo capacity, conveyor belts are widely used for mining, processing systems for confectionery production projects, cement transportation, textile technology, etc. However, during the operation of the conveyor belt, you will encounter conveyor belt deviations or some other errors. Let’s learn about common cores and ways to handle misaligned conveyors!
Deviated Conveyor
Conveyor systems are the traction, power and motion components. It is also a device that carries components and loads of materials. So they have a rather complicated operating principle. Therefore, in the production process, the phenomenon of tape deviation is difficult to avoid. It often occurs in belts and is specifically referred to as misalignment of conveyor belts.
Conveyor misalignment can cause between belt edges and rack wear, causing wear on the belt and affecting the life of the conveyor. Analyzing the reasons for belt misalignment and minimizing and eliminating belt misalignment is an important part of conveyor belts operating at maximum capacity and extending the life of the system.
Causes of conveyor belt error
Internal factors that lead to misalignment of conveyor belts include:
– Poorly rigid bracket, large deformation under load, causing belt misalignment. The cylindrical outer roller can also cause the conveyor to deflect.
– The rotation of the roller is not flexible, making the two sides of the conveyor uneven, causing deviations when the conveyor is operating.
– Parallel shafts, shaft errors or too large rollers cause conveyor deflection
– Poor quality conveyor belts such as thin, thick, or uneven conveyor belts cause a conduction shock that causes the conveyor belt to deviate
– The quality of the conveyor has defects, the length of the belts on both sides is inconsistent, causing the deviation of the conveyor running.
Conveyor run off due to adjustments in conveyor settings

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– Changing the roller and the longitudinal error of the central conveyor is too large, causing the conveyor system and the horizontal line to have an inclination that causes belt deflection.

– The roller and the center longitudinal axis of the conveyor are too large, causing belt misalignment

– The connection strength between the rack and the ground is not enough, the price is not stable, causing the belt deviation phenomenon

– The feed plate of the discharge chute is not placed in the correct position, both sides of the conveyor will have an uneven force causing deviations in the belt.
The cause of conveyor belt deviation is due to maintenance factors

– Poor scanner cleaning performance causes the cylinder diameter to increase.

– Poor maintenance and improper adjustment lead to misalignment of conveyor belts

– For steel belts, due to uneven steel wire production, leading to deviations in the conveyor belt. Large elongation under the conveyor, causing bumps and belts prone to misalignment.

Besides, the collision can cause the wrong order for the conveyor. When transferring the load, some viscous materials cause the roller, the bonding material, the cylinder diameter of the roller part to increase and cause misalignments.
Measures to prevent and deal with conveyor belt misalignment

If conveyor misalignment occurs with internal causes and technical problems, it is necessary to improve design, precision manufacturing to prevent and reduce the occurrence of conveyor deviation.

The centerline of the axis of rotation and the conveyor belt are not perpendicular, causing the conveyor system to be too tight on one side and too loose on the other. Therefore, it is advisable to adjust the position of the deflection by pulling horizontally for the two sides of the belt.

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The cylinder shaft is not horizontal at the two ends appear the height difference is for the conveyor head and tail to be misaligned. At this point, both bearing ends should be machined and subtracted to fit the shim (a thin piece of material usually tapered or wedged, used to fill gaps or small gaps between materials to leveling rollers and minimizing conveyor deflection.
Adhesive materials on the roller surface cause deviation of the conveyor belt, so cleaning the drum segment of the conveyor belt should be enhanced to reduce bonding materials or dirt accumulated on the surface of the conveyor.
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