How to choose conveyors to help businesses improve productivity

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How to choose conveyors to help businesses improve productivity
Along with the development of science and technology, people cannot help but use machines to automate their production processes. In the article below, Cosmo Vietnam will share with readers how to choose a conveyor belt to help businesses maximize productivity.
Material of Conveyor

Materials are especially important for conveyor belts. Because this is an important part in direct contact with the conveyor belt and it also greatly affects the power consumption process of the business. Therefore, businesses should choose conveyors made from safe materials such as PVC, rollers, rubber coated steel, etc.
Dimensions of conveyor

The width of the conveyor belt is dictated by the product and the nature of the work. Depending on the size of the product, you can choose the appropriate width from small to large. Normally, conveyor belts will have a width of 100-1000mm. Therefore, if using conveyors at water bottling plants or canned goods, it is reasonable to choose conveyors with small and wide dynamics.

On the contrary, if you use conveyors to transport large boxes, you should choose conveyors with a large width to facilitate the movement of goods.
Spin speed

A typical conveyor belt will have a rotation speed of -20m/min to suit products and goods in the food industry. Rotation speed is a factor that affects the time as well as the speed of goods moving. Therefore, the speed should be adjusted appropriately to meet the production time needs of the enterprise.

Selecting a conveyor with the right capacity is the solution for businesses to maximize savings on electrical energy as well as affecting the rotation speed of the conveyor. Conveyor types offered by Comos range from 40W to 1.25kW. Depending on the material to be transported, heavy or light, we can choose the appropriate conveyor capacity

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Loading capacity

How to choose a conveyor is a factor that helps businesses choose the right type of conveyor for the weight of the product.

Load capacity is one of the factors that help businesses save electricity. As well as affecting the speed of movement of goods in the production process to minimize the time and costs of the business.

To improve productivity, when choosing conveyors, businesses should pay attention to all of the above factors.

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