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Conveyor system for thermal coal supply
The thermal power coal supply conveyor system not only brings higher economic efficiency, but also helps to reduce the cost of transporting coal, while ensuring the environment, and promptly responding to the progress of coal-fired plants.

Electricity has been playing an extremely important role in our daily life and production. All professions today, from manual to professional, need the participation of electricity. Because of that, more and more coal-fired power plants are born. And to serve the work of electricity production is taking place quickly and smoothly. At Cosmovina, we would like to introduce to our customers the ” conveyor system for thermal power coal “.

Perhaps, conveyor belts are no longer strange to all of us. They are likened to an elevator that helps move goods and materials from one place to another quickly and easily, meeting the schedule for production enterprises.
Conveyor system for thermal coal supply

Some familiar types of conveyor belts include:

Food Conveyor

Feed Conveyor

Conveyor assembly of electronic components

So, what is the difference between the conveyor belts used for coal-fired plants and the above-mentioned types of conveyors? We invite you to find out with us through the next part of the article.

Technical requirements for coal conveyors for thermal power plants

Conveyor belts used in thermal power plants are mainly for transporting coal, the width of the conveyor belt is usually from B1000 to B1400 mm wide, from 12 to 15mm thick. EP from 150 to 250. Some units use a section of steel cable conveyor for loading.

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In particular, the conveyor belt used for coal-fired plants is usually made of rubber. By choosing reasonable structure and suitable technical characteristics for operating conditions, it will prolong the working life of rubber conveyor belts and have great technical and economic practical significance.

Depending on the working conditions of the conveyor belt system to meet and satisfy the requirements:

+ Ensure sufficient tensile and flexural strength, elasticity and elongation, fire resistance, less fatigue damage and less abrasion, no delamination and penetration when carrying heavy and sharp materials, the longitudinal flex of the tape is large enough but does not require an excessive increase in the diameter of the drum.

The bending of the tape in the cross-section ensures that the trough is easily contacted with the load-bearing rollers, in addition, it must be durable, resistant to decay, less susceptible to aging, and capable of maintaining durability due to impact. dynamics of mechanics and of the surrounding environment.

Why should you use thermal coal conveyor system?

The use of conveyor belts will bring the following benefits:

– Reduce labor, improve productivity

– Make the most of space and improve energy storage

– Reduce operating costs

The above is information related to thermal power coal conveyor system. If you have any product needs, please contact us with the information below for support and advice.

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