Distinguish the difference between conveyor belt and conveyor belt

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Distinguish the difference between conveyor belt and conveyor belt
Conveyor belt consists of a single individual with limited specifications and quantities. The conveyor belt includes the whole conveyor belt, which has a relatively large quantity and quality.

When it comes to conveyor belts , people immediately think of a type of equipment used to transport and convey materials and goods from one location to another. Compared with other modes of transport such as road and rail transport, the conveyor system has many advantages: such as higher capacity, lower cost, higher efficiency, less human involvement and proven reliability.

But there is a problem that many people think that these two types of devices are the same. Is it so or not? We invite you to find out through the article below of our Cosmovina .
Distinguish the difference between conveyor belt and conveyor belt

Both conveyors and conveyor belts are a type of device that helps move goods and supplies from one place to another in a predetermined path. There are many types of conveyor belts on the market today. But the most common is the cargo conveyor (conveyor). Conveyor systems allow for fast and efficient transportation of a wide range of materials.

However, let’s compare the differences between the two.


Conveyor belts are considered to be cheaper in price, compact in size, and do not take up too much space. Thanks to its superior features, this product line is chosen by many businesses to serve the needs of production as well as transportation of goods. Especially the small units.

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Some common types of conveyor belts on the market today are:

– Intermediate conveyors, flat conveyors, and fixed conveyors are often used by units in the manufacturing industry as an intermediate bridge to load raw materials – scrap, finished products from machines.

– Conveyors pick up goods, conveyors are often used in freight services.

– Wharf conveyors are often used at wharfs to transport goods from waterway to road and vice versa.

Although conveyors & conveyor belts both have the main function and task of loading goods on it, the larger and larger conveyor belts are used as a whole chain of goods from a few tens of meters to several tens of meters. For a few kilometers, we often see coal conveyor lines in mines, mining coal, or brick kiln lines loading bricks for kilometers, in rice factories loading goods from waterways to storage & get in the car or vice versa

The biggest advantage of the conveyor belt is that it can load goods with high productivity & volume over a long distance, in addition, it can be combined with many different conveyor models to form a closed line of operation. in a straight line or with a curved angle conveyor (curved angle conveyor) can also be combined with an intermediate conveyor to form a flat conveyor chain, if combined with an inclined lifting conveyor or a butterfly conveyor, the chain This loading and unloading conveyor is very efficient & highly functional.
Above is a comparison article between conveyor belt and conveyor belt. If you need advice on products, please contact us immediately with the information below so that we can advise you.

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