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An Automated Guided Vehicle – AGV is essentially a robot that moves thanks to guidance technology, which is applied in the logistics field, especially in a smart warehouse. In the process of moving, the AGV robot supports the transportation of goods between different areas of the smart warehouse by carrying or dragging a significant volume of goods, to help manage the warehouse efficiently, and improve the productivity of the operation operating in logistics.


Goods can be loaded in trolleys, crates to be pulled or lifted, can also be loaded onto the AGV itself, which has a built-in tray or roller conveyor, PVC conveyor depending on the required features. The AGV robot can also be a forklift with integrated automatic lifting, lifting pallets, rolls, crates or boxes. Sometimes the AGV system is a combination of robocar and collaborative robot (cobot) with the ability to pick up and place queues for pick & place applications.


Robot Agv Cobot 4


These AGV robots are a flexible automation solution, a powerful assistant in a smart warehouse replacing traditional forklifts for loading and unloading trucks, connecting storage areas with production lines and even moving products between different picking areas. Furthermore, the AGV is programmed to integrate with warehouse management software WCS, WMS, and even integrated with IIoT – that is, handling all warehouse-related operations via the internet connection.


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