Cosmovina rubber conveyor belt – the perfect choice for production lines

Đăng bởi noidung - 13:24 24/05/2022

Cosmovina rubber conveyor belt – the perfect choice for production lines
It can be affirmed that conveyor belts have been playing an important role in the production fields of life. Conveyor belts have many types with diverse applications, but the most prominent among them is Rubber Conveyor Belt . Let ‘s find out the benefits that customers receive when using Cosmovina rubber conveyor belts .
Advantages of rubber conveyor belts

Industrial rubber conveyor belts are designed with a thick, durable rubber layer. The texture of this material is usually polyamide, polyester synthetic fiber and super strong polyamide fiber. Thanks to this material, rubber conveyor belts are very resistant to water, damp environments, and mold. In addition, the thick structure also helps the conveyor belt to transport large volumes of goods at high speeds.
Some applications of rubber conveyors
Food grade rubber conveyor belts are widely used in this processing industry. Thanks to its smart design, it can handle many different stages. So raw materials, food and finished products are transported quickly and efficiently to other production stages. Thereby ensuring continuous and stable operation in the production process.
Rubber conveyor belts can also transport bulk materials, serving the mining industry of ores, minerals, coal, etc. The materials may be processed or untreated. Especially rubber conveyor belts are capable of transporting materials with high heat contact surfaces.
Trough rubber conveyor belt is specially designed with a combination of 3 rollers (1 middle roller and 2 side rollers). Aim to form high, to help transport materials not spill out. In which, V-ribbed rubber conveyor belts are used for sliding materials. The purpose is to create an angle of inclination, preventing the product from slipping during transportation.
Benefits of using Cosmovina’s rubber conveyor belts
Rubber conveyor belts are made from quality assured rubber materials, which are clearly tested. As a result, it is possible to convey any material efficiently.
Conveyor sizes are diverse and flexible to suit the needs of customers. Tensile strength and stiffness give Cosmovina rubber conveyor belts a edge over any other product.
We also design, manufacture and install conveyor belts according to customer requirements to bring maximum return on investment for business owners.
Whether it is horizontal or inclined transportation, Cosmovina’s rubber conveyor belts are capable of transporting products and materials easily. Minimize material loss during transportation.
High impact strength and good heat resistance help rubber conveyor belts transport thermal materials such as wood, ore, coal, etc.
The conveyor belt operates smoothly thanks to the rubber material that reduces vibration and noise during transportation.
Notably, Cosmovina’s conveyors reduce power consumption significantly.
Cosmovina rubber conveyor belts comply with ISO quality standards and safety and food safety standards. Therefore, it is the ideal transmission equipment, the perfect choice for your production line.
Above are the benefits of using Cosmovina’s rubber conveyor belt . If you want to know more information or have a need to use rubber conveyor belts, please contact Cosmo Vietnam . Coming to us, customers will be consulted specifically and provided with the best conveyor equipment to meet all needs from customers.

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