Conveyor belts and industrial applications

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Conveyor belts and industrial applications
Conveyor belts are indispensable transportation equipment in the production and processing stages of products. They have many applications in industries.
The trend of the industry in recent years is to thoroughly apply automation and in production to help reduce human effort, save costs but at the same time increase productivity.
One of the types of automation that Cosmovina we would like to introduce to you is the conveyor belt . So let’s find out how this type of conveyor has an industrial application!
Conveyor belts and industrial applications
To learn about the uses of conveyor belts in industry, let’s find out together how this type of conveyor is structured.
Structure of the conveyor belt
Conveyor belt has the following structure:
– Conveyor frame is made of powder coated steel.
– PVC conveyor belt, 5mm thick.
– Conveyor belt (towing) gear reducer motor 0.75KW.
– Control system by Inverter, PLC.
– Hydraulic height lifting system
– The roller supporting the belt, the pulling roller is of high quality, running smoothly and stably.
– Conveyor system with wheels to move from one location to another easily.
– Conveyor can be used to lift goods up and down the vehicle because it can run in both directions.
– The size of the conveyor belt depends on the large or small product, we can design and manufacture according to the requirements of customers.
Next, we will learn together about the application of this type of conveyor in industry.
Applications of conveyor belts in industry
Some of the applications of this type of conveyor include:
– Transporting bulk, bulk and bulk materials in bulk.
– Conveyor belts are used to transport goods in the form of bags and cartons onto cars and containers.
– Used to transport goods from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor of the factory.
– Used to transport goods from one warehouse to another.
– Used to transport goods from one location to another in the factory.
In addition, conveyor belts for transporting goods have many applications in our real life and production.
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