CNC aluminum mechanical processing – fabrication: aluminum extrusion, auto parts, motorcycles, spare parts

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CNC aluminum mechanical processing – fabrication: aluminum extrusion, auto parts, motorcycles, spare parts
CNC aluminum mechanical processing will help create high-precision products such as aluminum extrusion, auto parts, motorcycles, spare parts of all kinds…
Referring to mechanical processing , people often think of machine parts made from materials such as iron, steel, stainless steel… However, aluminum is also one of the materials used a lot. in the precision machining industry.
So, today Cosmo Vietnam will introduce to you CNC aluminum processing technology in manufacturing parts of cars, motorcycles and some other types of accessories…
So, what are the properties of aluminum? We will learn through the basic information about this material.
Properties of aluminum materials
Aluminum (from French: aluminium) – silvery white metal, soft and light.
This material is highly reflective as well as has great thermal and electrical conductivity, is non-toxic and has good wear resistance, is hard, strong and tough, and can be easily spun or laminated.
After understanding the basic properties of aluminum, next we will learn about the application of this material.
Aluminum Extrusion
Aluminum is considered a material used quite commonly in extrusion. Aluminum extrusion is a process of shaping molten material under high pressure to produce aluminum profiles.
Auto and motorcycle parts
With today’s modern processing technology such as: CNC turning, CNC milling, drilling, boring, reaming, etc., it will help mechanical processing units to create a wide variety of details and spare parts to supply to customers. market for assembling cars and motorcycles such as: body shells, windshields, doors and many different interior and exterior parts.
Other spare parts
To produce spare parts, mechanical processing units need to apply different processing and manufacturing processes such as: mechanical processing according to molds, forms of cutting, milling, turning, grinding or heat treatment.
– Chipless machining methods: Processes such as casting, forging, hot stamping, cold stamping, rolling, drawing, pressing, welding… Among them, there are a number of methods called deformation machining, pressure machining. force or hot working.
– Machining and cutting methods, usually include turning, milling, planing, drilling, grinding… These methods are also known as chip processing, cutting machining, mechanical processing.
To create perfect products, engineers need to understand the materials and structures to apply accordingly.
Above is an introductory article about CNC aluminum precision mechanical processing industry. If you are intending to search for an on-demand mechanical processing unit in Hanoi , you can immediately visit the website: cosmovina.com.vn or contact us by phone: – Hotline : 0932.488.998 for direct advice from the company’s engineering team.

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