Causes of damage to reduce the life of the conveyor system

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Causes of damage to reduce the life of the conveyor system
In the process of using the conveyor belt, it is inevitable that wear and tear due to being used for a long time or improper use of the conveyor belt. Here are the causes of damage and shortening the life of the conveyor system.

Unsuitable conveyor selection

Each type of conveyor will have its own structure, features and applications. Therefore, if choosing the wrong type of conveyor belt, it may affect the service life and shorten the conveyor belt usage time. Or more serious.

Currently on the market there are many different types of conveyors such as: Plastic chain conveyors , Feed conveyors, Drying conveyors , Stainless steel roller conveyors , PVC conveyor belts , etc. .. Choosing the right conveyor belt will greatly depend on the purpose, requirements, product type, goods, .. Otherwise, it will consume a lot of investment costs, which affects the service life. Conveyor belt affects the quality of work.

Conveyor belts are often overworked

The continuous operation of the conveyor belt and the overloading of goods is one of the leading causes of conveyor belt failure and deterioration. Any equipment and machinery needs time to rest before starting a new “journey”. If the conveyor belt operates continuously for a long time, it not only affects the life of the machine, but it also causes fire, danger, and unsafety for the whole production system.
No maintenance and cleaning of conveyors

Conveyor cleaning and maintenance is a must after a period of operation. Most of today’s conveyor belts have clear requirements for the working environment and machine maintenance time. If these principles are not followed, after a short time, the conveyor system will degrade, appear rusty, wear out and emit abnormal noises.

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Use old conveyors

Some businesses, because they want to save costs for their businesses, have decided to buy back the old conveyor system for their production lines. The result is “premature aging”, as old conveyor belts are a 50:50 decision. If you are lucky, you can buy a quality old conveyor system that suits your needs, but sometimes you may choose to have a poor quality old conveyor and it will cost a lot to upgrade. supply and repair.
Besides, it must be a professional technical staff to be able to distinguish what is a quality conveyor belt, this is a used and repaired conveyor belt many times. The use of used conveyor belts will have potential risks for workers. Therefore, it is best to seek the advice of reputable conveyor suppliers.

The above are some of the reasons for the rapid deterioration and deterioration of the conveyor system. In order for the conveyor system to always work effectively, the first thing that you need to do is choose a unit specializing in manufacturing and assembling conveyor belts. Then the notes on using the conveyor belt properly.
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