Basic principles for stable conveyor system operation

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Basic principles for stable conveyor system operation
Conveyor systems play an increasingly important role in the production of companies and businesses. With the conveying feature, it is widely applied in many systems to help businesses save costs, time and human resources. So what should be noted for stable conveyor operation, please follow the article below!
Principles when operating conveyor systems
Industrial conveyor systems usually have a simple design, easy to operate, install and control. However, during the operation of the conveyor belt, it is necessary to adhere to some basic principles:
Rule 1: Carefully check all components and conveyor details to see if they are installed correctly and ensure electrical safety.
Rule 2: regularly maintain and check the engine, oil and clean the engine. It is recommended to check the right type and the right amount periodically to ensure the durability of the conveyor belt.
Rule 3 : Newly purchased or installed equipment should be tested and qualified to detect in time basic errors such as misalignment of the belt, removal of the above obstacles with a reliable transfer of the tension of the belt. Conveyor.
Rule 4: check the source of the conveyor system, conveyor belt as well as the entire electrical system in the factory to make sure there are no possible electrical problems. Power switches and circuit diagrams are completely protected from external influences.
Things to keep in mind for the operator
– Check the entire conveyor system every day before commissioning
– Thorough inspection of reducers and conveyor joints
– Pay attention to the conveyor roller parts, make sure they do not wear out, heat up quickly and do not stop working in the middle for a timely replacement solution.
– After the system stops operating, it is necessary to re-check the boom, which can be cleaned and adjusted as needed
Just by fully applying the above principles, your conveyor system will surely have a long life and can operate at its best.
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