Applications of magnetic drilling machines in life and industry

Đăng bởi noidung - 16:29 11/05/2022

Applications of magnetic drilling machines in life and industry
For consumers, especially workers who work in professions such as repair, assembly or mechanical industry, perhaps the image of versatile handheld magnetic drill equipment has has become all too familiar. With the ability to respond well to all kinds of drilling, punching and hole-making operations as well as owning their own compact and flexible design, the series of hand-held magnetic drills has always been one of the best. An effective and indispensable companion for workers and brothers in the technical field.

Perhaps readers have often heard of drilling equipment such as dynamic drills, hammer drills … but the name magnetic drill is really vague and confusing, right? In today’s article, Cosmovina would like to share and send to readers detailed information as well as features and applications of magnetic drilling equipment in work as well as in life. every day.

To go into depth and find out more details about the uses as well as the ability to meet in daily work of magnetic drilling equipment, let’s learn about the concept of this product.

Some basic concepts of magnetic drilling machines
A magnetic drill is a type of device that works on the principle of magnetic attraction of the magnetic force to form a tight connection and connection between the drill bit head and the surface to be drilled.

Types of magnetic drilling equipment often use specialized magnets to generate magnetism and form a bond between the drill head and the surface of the material to be drilled. The common types of magnets commonly used are electromagnets or permanent magnets.

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Applications of magnetic drill products in daily life
Similar to the traditional hand-held dynamic drill equipment lines, the magnetic drill product lines are mainly used to meet and perform for many types of work needs such as:

Machining as well as drilling holes in surfaces and details that conventional drills cannot do.
Performed for all kinds of work such as drilling, chiselling or cutting on materials commonly used in today’s life such as steel, wood, ….
A few notes when using magnetic drill products
Limit the use of magnetic drill products in wet environments, especially magnetic drill product lines that use electrical energy. However, the product lines of magnetic drills that use compressed air are the opposite, you can comfortably use the product in many different working environments.
You need to ensure that the material surfaces that the magnetic drill needs to come into contact with are always in the cleanest and most hygienic state possible, this will help limit dust and dirt from getting inside the machine body. In addition, various types of dirt will also cause a decrease in the magnetic force and reduce the performance of the product.
When operating in the horizontal and vertical drilling positions, you should use magnetic drilling equipment with a rotating magnetic base, this rotating base will help you to conduct drilling flexibly and accurately. more.

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