Advantages of Seafood Processing Conveyors at Cosmovina

Đăng bởi noidung - 14:38 24/05/2022

Advantages of Seafood Processing Conveyors at Cosmovina
Seafood processing conveyors are widely used in the food industry. They are directly involved in seafood processing and packaging lines. Therefore, conveyor production units need to meet standards and regulations on food hygiene and safety for conveyor belts for seafood processing. Why should you choose Cosmovina’s Seafood Processing Conveyor ?
Cosmovina seafood processing conveyor – the number 1 choice for businesses
1. Durable operation
Customers are always wondering how to make conveyors operate continuously for a long time? How to make conveyors always operate well in wet environments?… Understanding the concerns of customers, Cosmovina has researched optimal solutions to ensure that seafood processing conveyors operate stably, efficiently, and long-term. .
We research conveyor materials, carefully select and test the most rigorous quality. Conveyor frames, conveyor belts are made from 304 stainless steel, aluminum profiles, rubber, plastic, … are all imported internationally, fully certified, ensuring quality standards. All to bring food businesses a perfect conveyor belt in terms of function and longevity.
2. Optimized Design
Based on the actual business, we will offer the most optimal design options. The technical parameters and objective factors are carefully calculated. From there, we will manufacture and assemble high quality seafood processing conveyors . Guaranteed to save space and operating costs while ensuring work productivity.
3. Cost saving
With optimal design, seafood processing conveyors help businesses save maximum labor costs. In addition, engineers also carefully calculate and integrate reasonable performance control technology. To save maximum energy consumption.
4. High practical applicability
Seafood processing conveyors are used to transport seafood in the feeding and packaging stages of finished products. The heat resistance of the conveyor belt reaches 2000 degrees Celsius, resistant to grease, and anti-fishing. Businesses also easily clean, disinfect and disinfect equipment.
5. Simple operation
We integrate technology so that workers can easily control one or more conveyors at the same time. The intelligent control system will help work flexibly and achieve high efficiency. In addition to us, the team of engineers will directly provide clear and thorough instructions when handing over the product. Cosmovina always wants to help you solve problems arising during the operation of seafood processing conveyors .
6. Absolutely safe
Safety in conveyor operation is our top concern. The electrical circuits will be thoroughly reinforced, ensuring all requirements from the Department of Environmental Engineering and Industrial Environment. Materials for producing seafood processing conveyor belts are very safe. It has high resistance to corrosion, good resistance to bacteria and microorganisms. Ensure food hygiene and safety for each ton of seafood of the enterprise.
Above are the advantages of seafood processing conveyors at Cosmovina. With a long experience in the conveyor belt manufacturing market, we have gradually affirmed our position with customers. Cosmovina makes every effort to produce quality products with outstanding advantages, contributing to the development of Vietnamese enterprises.

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