6 basic types of conveyor belts and their applications

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6 basic types of conveyor belts and their applications
6 basic types of conveyors with their features and applications to suit different industries.

In today’s rapidly developing industry, the application of science and technology in production is absolutely necessary. And not only equipment lines, but conveyor belts are also one of them. With the main use to support the quick movement of goods and accessories, and at the same time to help businesses save labor….

That’s why, today, Cosmovina we would like to introduce to you the 6 most basic conveyor lines today and their applications.
6 types of modified conveyors on the market today
1. Roller Conveyor
Roller conveyor is understood as a system consisting of rollers that are firmly connected to each other to support and transport goods in modern industrial production industries. This system can be used for light to very heavy products. At the same time, it also works very well in dusty environments or with corrosive chemicals.
Usually, people use roller conveyors to move goods with flat and hard bottoms (eg: cartons, box shaped products, …).
2. Flat Conveyor

Flat conveyor can be understood as a type of conveyor that uses horizontal rollers (rollers) as the transmission part and supports the upper rubber band to load goods and materials.

We can easily see this type of conveyor belt in factories, enterprises, transport service companies, cashier conveyors in supermarkets because of its popularity and variety of models as well as good prices. so flat conveyors meet most of the needs from basic to difficult needs of the transportation market.
3. Chain Conveyor

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Chain conveyor is a product line that is applied in many fields of industrial production, helping to transport materials and products in a simple and fast way to meet the maximum needs of customers.
4. Curved Conveyor

Curved conveyor belts are widely used in many industrial production industries such as electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, components, etc. The characteristics of curved conveyors are stable structure, good performance, and high durability. Able to work in dusty and humid environments.
5. Tilt Conveyor

Inclined conveyors are commonly used in the product transportation process, with a short moving range and a small area. With the ability to transport quickly and still save installation space. Thanks to the inclined movement, it helps to move goods quickly and efficiently.
6. Food Conveyor

Food conveyor belt is a specialized conveyor belt used to serve in the food industry with industrial scale, processing and packaging lines, etc. This type of conveyor has many preeminent features to meet the standards Production requires strict food hygiene and safety factors.
Above is an article that introduces the 6 most popular types of conveyor belts on the market today. If you have a need for advice on products, please contact us immediately with the information below for support.

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