4 things you need to know about PVC conveyor belts

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4 things you need to know about PVC conveyor belt
PVC conveyor belt is designed with a surface made of PVC with alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, so it is not affected by the impact of temperature from the outside.
Currently, the use of conveyor belts to serve the transportation of goods and materials is no longer strange in production units. As a unit specializing in providing industrial conveyor equipment, Cosmovina we always want to bring to our customers the best products,
In addition to the product overview, we also regularly share with you articles about the pros and cons, common errors in the process of using this type of actuator.
So, today, the information about the next type of conveyor that we want to introduce to everyone is: ” PVC conveyor belt “.
4 things you need to know about PVC conveyor belt
Structure of PVC conveyor belt
Right from the name you can immediately recognize that pvc conveyor belt is made from a synthetic plastic material called Poly Vinyl Chloride. Conveyor belt surface is covered by PVC layers interspersed with load-bearing layers to increase the ability to transport goods on the tape surface.
With each different tape thickness, the bearing layers are alternately arranged. Normally, there will be 1-3 layers on the surface of PVC conveyor belt. Thanks to the properties of PVC, this conveyor belt has high elasticity, heat resistance, oil resistance and good bearing capacity.
– Conveyor belt has a simple design, compact and easy to use, bringing high results during operation
– The second advantage is flexibility in application. Suitable for use in many different environments with a reasonable price.
– Thanks to the friction, it helps to minimize the conveyor belt stretching during operation, making the conveyor belt have a long life.
Thanks to the features of PVC, the product is made from a material that is not affected by moisture, acids or sunlight. Avoid rust phenomena.
Classification of PVC Conveyors
First, according to industrial applications, PVC conveyor belt products can be divided into tobacco industry conveyor belt, logistics industry conveyor belt, conveyor packaging industry, printing industry conveyor belt, conveyor food industry, wood conveyor belt industry, food processing industry conveyor belt, entertainment industry conveyor belt, aquatic industry conveyor belt, ice industry conveyor belt and so on.

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Second, according to the performance of the light uphill conveyor belt, the climbing conveyor is to a high degree, plus the bulkhead to strengthen the conveyor belt, vertical lifting belt, anti-slip conveyor belt, sander conveyor belt, wearing conveyor belt, heavier, lighter conveyors Conveyor belts, Guided runaway conveyors, Hole Suction Conveyors, Asbestos Conveyors, Spiral Conveyors, Bend Turn Conveyors, UW Conveyor Belts, Sponge Conveyors, groove conveyor, conveyor belt conveyor, belt conveyor, knife conveyor and so on.

Third, according to the product thickness and color can be divided into different colors (red, yellow, green, blue, gray, white, black, dark blue and green, transparent), thickness of product thickness from 0.8MM to 11.5MM can produce.

Fourth, according to research and development, the product model can be divided into lawn model, herringbone model, diamond lattice model, diagonal pattern, mesh pattern, inverted triangle model, foundation model. horse, cog pattern, polka dot pattern, diamond pattern, snake skin pattern, Oval pattern, wave pattern, wash table pattern, a word pattern, fine straight stripe pattern, pattern golf, a large mesh pattern, matte pattern, rough pattern, plaid and so on.

Fifth, according to different PVC conveyor belt products fabric and plastic cloth, one plastic wrap cloth, two cloth one plastic, one cloth two plastic, two cloth two plastic, two cloth three plastic, three cloth three plastic, three cloth four plastic , Four cloth four plastic, four cloth five plastic, five cloth five plastic.
The difference between PVC conveyor belt and PU conveyor
PU conveyor belt is a conveyor belt made of polyurethane. Polyurethane (PU) is the only material that is more resilient than rubber. Moreover, it is also more durable than metal. PU is a material with a wide hardness (from smooth to hard), as well as having oil resistance, tear resistance, scratch resistance and wear resistance many times higher than rubber.
PVC plastic has the full name Polyvinyl Chloride. PVC is used in production in many industries such as manufacturing electric cables, PVC films, UPVC bars, conveyor belts… this material also has properties such as corrosion resistance, and is easy to clean. cleaning after use.
Above is the article about PVC conveyor belt. We hope that the information we share will be of help to you.
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